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Your vocabulary account is like your bank account. You need to pay into this on an ongoing basis. You need to use new words and phrases in a practical way and they will become readily available.


  • Business coaching for individuals and groups
  • Support for business assignments in international environments
  • Manuscript translation service
  • Initial training and ongoing support
  • Other language support services such as websites, translations etc.


Confidence comes from having the right knowledge to hand when you need it and the feeling of comfort you get when you know you'll find it there and then.


Key structures may need simple, short-cut explanations and exercises. Most important of all though - practice makes perfect.


I will assist you with setting up systems and drills that will make your practice productive so that you will see rapid and consistent improvement. I will help you to draft important presentation material, correspondence and other documentation vital to your work, and you will learn at the same time. See me as a sort of personal assistant with your English language needs.

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Pär Johansson, Senior Consultant, Con3bute

"The main difference between my previous training in English and the coaching provided by Mike is that he adapts the training to my specific needs, as opposed to just following a plan. In the long-term, I’m enhancing my ability to communicate in English. In the short-term, I’m receiving support with my daily business activities.

The skills and results I need to achieve are always the focus of the training. Mike works more as a mentor than a coach in that he gives advice and applies knowledge gained from his personal experience"

Henrik Ask, Vice CEO and Claims Manager, Löf

"I previously worked for a Nordic insurance company where a good understanding of the English language was essential for me in my work. The company uses English as the corporate language and there was a need for me to express myself efficiently and accurately during work meetings.

I built up my vocabulary and ability to conduct rather fluent conversations in both business and personal environments. I can strongly recommend Mike Ward English Coach if you’re looking to quickly improve your knowledge of English"

Marie Ställvik, CEO
DF Kompetens

“When I got in touch with Mike Ward, I felt out of practice with my conversational English, avoiding situations where I needed to speak English. Mike got me to understand that the biggest obstacle was in fact my own mindset. Now, I have stopped worrying about making mistakes and feel almost casual during a discussion. I can willingly recommend the pedagogical method with which Mike has succeeded”


"It has been a fantastic journey with Mike. Mike listened carefully to the needs I expressed and adapted the coaching closely to these. He helped me regain my self-confidence when speaking English. Mike was flexible and made himself available for critical sessions when I required urgent preparation for meetings with overseas colleagues. Mike assisted me not simply with my English but also equipped me with some essential rhetorical skills, as well as some useful hints regarding how to retain control of meetings. We remain in touch! Thanks, Mike!"

Training: Business English and Intercultural Communication

Caesar Karlsson,

Effektiv Nu

“Mike Ward was hired by our company to extend and develop our knowledge regards Business English and we are now embarked upon a most rewarding journey of learning together. From the very first day, Mike really focused upon exactly what the nature of our business is, and he is deeply committed to our development, both as individuals and as a group. Of course, it is of great advantage that Mike originates from the UK, as this provides many rewarding insights into our varying company cultures, as well as useful tips on how we as Swedes can interact more professionally. Mike is warmly recommended by our team!

Training: Business English and Intercultural Communication

Helene Bergqvist,
Head of Motor Claims Centre Nordic, If Skadeförsäkring AB

“In 2003, English had just become the corporate language at the company. To begin with, I felt very uncomfortable, owing to my lack of skills regarding English. Promoting diverse issues is part of my work and this involves taking an active role in meetings. Mike and I have been working together with everything from presentation material to practising oral formulations. With Mike’s close involvement and clear understanding of my assignments, he has been able to help me maintain a high level in my English, from the outset.

I can say I have now regained both my personality and my effectiveness while using English. Mike hasn’t just functioned as a regular teacher, but as a combination of coach, mentor, adviser and expert on the English language.

It is a terrific advantage to be able to practice English in both its spoken and written forms. The experience has opened doors to opportunities for more important future assignments. It has actually enhanced my employability”